Why You Should Join Twitter Today?

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In this fast moving world of smartphones and social networking, twitter has grown out to be one of the most popular among the teenagers and the corporates. This social networking site was founded on March 21, 2006. 

Reason for popularity

Now you may be wondering that what basically you can do extra on twitter that you cannot do on Facebook or Orkut. Well as I said, twitter is for everyone. And by everyone means you me, Jonny Depp, Shahrukh Khan, Barrack Obama and all such personalities. Only twitter gives us the opportunity to look into the life of stars, unlike Facebook. This is because unlike Facebook, you do not need to send a friend request to the star you like and wait for him to accept it. Just hit the follow button and you are good to go. When you follow someone on twitter, it means that whatever he or she tweets, you can view them.

Do not feel left out

I use twitter on a regular basis as I prefer tweets rather than status updates. I have quite a lot of followers on twitter. Oh no, do not worry now. If you are new to twitter it shall take you some time to gather followers for you. In most of the cases you barely have ten or twenty followers, but you follow many people. If such cases arise and you feel left out, you can always buy twitter followers.

To me, Twitter is really a great social networking site. It is very much user friendly and has an app for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Symbian belle platforms. I really feel good when I see my favorite stars tweeting his or her personal life on twitter. It helps me keep informed with celebrity news.

So? What are you waiting for? Take some time out and join twitter. And if you feel lonely there, buy instagram likes. Happy tweeting.

How To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool

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Twitter has changed the course of social networking sites. It had started with blogs, where people share their thoughts and knowledge in the form of long posts. Then came Facebook, a wall based social networking site, where the length of the posts started reducing, and finally came twitter with a maximum capacity of 140 characters. Social networking sites became more fun and relevant. From celebrities to common people, everyone uses twitter. Even business tycoons use twitter to promote their business. I personally feel that it is a very good ploy to reach out to the masses, since twitter has a huge number of users. But in order to be successful in this venture, you need to have a large number of followers. I will tell you how.

Avert from buying followers

Initially you might be very tempted to buy twitter followers. Yes you can do that. There are many companies found online who can help you to acquire a large number of followers in return of money, but I will advise you not to do so. This is because it is useless to acquire fake followers since it will not help you in your business in any way. You cannot interact with your fake followers and thus your business will not be promoted. Also twitter considers this process to be spam and hence if you get caught, you can be banned.

Simple methods to gain followers

You do not have to buy twitter followers in order to gain followers on twitter. You just need to keep certain things in mind.

  • Never tweet only about yourself or your brand. People might get irritated with that. Sometime just share a joke or a funny fact for a change.
  • When you start gaining followers, make sure you keep interaction with them on a regular basis. This will help to draw more followers.
  • Make use of the hash tags wisely. The hash tags are very important in twitter since they help to group tweets on a certain topic together.
  • Post interesting stuffs about your business, but never try to show off. Do not portray your company to be better than others. This repels people away.
  • Comment on the tweets of popular people. This will help to draw attention.

These are some of the simple techniques to gain followers. If you are not patient enough then you can buy twitter followers, but I strongly recommend you not to do so.

How To Gain Followers On Twitter Ethically

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If you are a newbie in twitter you must be wondering how you can increase your number of followers. Well, there are two methods to do that, one is the harder but ethical way, while the other is easier but unethical way. I am going to tell you about both of them. I also have a twitter account, like most of the people in the world today. At the beginning, I found it very difficult to increase my number of followers, while on the other hand I could see many people having a huge number of followers even though their tweets were not very intelligent. And then I came to know about the buy twitter followers option. 

Quickest way to gain followers

This is the probably the quickest and easiest way to gain twitter followers. There are companies available online who helps you buy twitter followers. In return of a cheap amount of money you can get thousands of followers over night. But this is not a very ethical method. Also it is considered as spamming. If it is found out by the twitter officials, then you can be banned from this social networking site permanently. Thus, even though I was tempted by the idea, I dint venture on the path. I instead took the harder but more ethical way.

Things to keep in mind

There are certain things which you should keep in mind while tweeting if you want to gain followers. The first and foremost is that your tweet should be related to the latest trend. It should be about something which everyone is discussing or thinking about. This formula really works in drawing in more followers.

Secondly and most importantly, your tweet should be short and sweet. Even though 140 characters is the max limit, try and make it as short and humorous as possible. Avert from being too wise and knowledgeable and filling your tweets with advices. And never repeat your tweets. It is really irritating.

Also the best thing about twitter is that you can easily upload it to your blogs and other social networking sites. Therefore be very precise in what you say. Do some research from other blogs and sites before tweeting on an important topic? Be as humorous as possible.
These are some of the simple methods of acquiring followers on twitter without having to buy twitter followers. Always remember, hard work always pays off in the long run.